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35 people found this useful Vramar2000 How is the train engine working? A model train engine works by taking up an electrical charge out of the metal track through metal engine's wheels that travel on the track. This might be handy, take a visit: http://nikkiqawo.livejournal.com/3367.html truth be told there is definitely a good deal of very good Lionel trains relevant information regarding the Athearn trains subject generally speaking, with special focus around the Lionel trains.The electric power is transferred from the wheels on to the electric motor, which causes the electric motor to run. The train motor connects to the locomotive's wheels through a mechanized drive arrangement. As the electric current turns the locomotive's motor, the train's motor moves the gears which then spin the engine's wheels and thrust the locomotive down the train rails. Not all that complicated! The exact contact point where the locomotive wheel touches the rail can be quite tiny. This is exactly why it does not take much in the way of dust or debris to obstruct the wheel-to-rail contact. Debris may very well accumulate, so it is very important for you to keep your engine's wheels clean and free of accumulated grime.

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